Thursday, August 05, 2010

the sea

still battling with the shoddily woven cotton yardage. what a shame that such good  cotton fiber got turned into a crappy fabric because of careless manufacturing.
 this book has been lying around because there's no way to square it, it's not my bad craftsmanship(womanship?) it's someone else's. 
what i like about it is the way an ugly fabric got transformed into something pleasing. and the opportunity to get to practice some of the newly learned stitches. but this is not all about me.

here are some book related links for you to peruse: 
falkiners in the u.k. -paradise for real bookbinders, not impostors like me. they mail order:)
flagbook-orama  awesome and inspirational
books on book binding techniques
and last but not least a tutorial on a simple flip flop book 
have fun!

neki desu Creative Commons License


  1. excellent you know talas for supplies? it's in ny city. so how can one (really) square up fabric???

    will you bind this one?

  2. thanks for the book inspiration, i am making one.

  3. Your book is wonderful. I like it very much.


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