Tuesday, August 24, 2010

if only

layer3 layer3b

third and fourth layers screenprinted

too much activity, too much color, too many techniques, too much noise. too hot and will get worse towards the weekend. i need to stop. 
perhaps narrowing down the fiber spectrum will help. i'm thinking about devoting real time vs. quality time to just working  with linen. stitching, weaving and knitting with it. it still sounds like a lot, but i need to start somewhere.

i sometimes feel in awe of people who only do one thing, work in one medium. or they stop doing what they do and pursue something new, but one thing at a time. i keep getting the feeling that i'm becoming a dabbler and it's not a comfortable feeling. in my defense i can say that being obsessive i delve into things and study intensively about them as much as i can. does that save me from being a dabbler?

i'm working on finishing ufos getting things out from the way and paving or trying to pave  a new way.
the fabric above had been laying around needing to be pulled together. did some printing over the weekend and i think it got there. do you think it needs one more layer to call it done?

 my  palette will also get scaled down, will leave the colors for my fractals. see what i mean? too much.

neki desu
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  1. oh, not really...

  2. ok--you asked! i like the cloths as they are. that's not to say they couldn't be printed more. but--where are they going? that will make the difference.

    and the idea of studying only linen is nifty. it would give you a HUGE subject, you know. just saying--it would take you very very deep. is that what you want?

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Neki, I have heard it said that the techniques are the language that we all have to learn in order to "say" something. I too have spent a lot of time learning techniques.
    If you are discouraged with this piece of cloth, may I suggest a large motif for contrast? For those of us who do patterning on cloth, it's easy to get lost in it, then not know why it's not coming together. Jane Dunnewold suggests a simple, perhaps single element can bring together all the patterning. Good luck ! And do not give up if you love it!

  4. I don't think these fabrics are too much at have the minimal of complementary color scheme going.

  5. If those pieces look too busy with too many colors (I don't think so, but...) then what about overdying the whole lot with a color that will tone down and unify the color palette?

  6. I'm thinking these are gorgeous just as they are.

  7. I too sometimes feel that I am trying too many different techniques,like a bee flying from flower to flower. I am curious and this keeps me alive and full of enthusiasm.
    The fabrics are gorgeous, if they were mine I would let them as they are.

  8. settle down,neki.If you're getting that unpleasant feeling,then probably you need to relax a little.Stop what you're doing,take a break and then try the simplest technique with a piece of cloth.Don't trouble the cloth and don't trouble yourself too much :)

  9. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I, too, know the feeling of dabbling. Maybe the reason is the need to know. - and I like the cloth, maybe if you add a bit of a darker color it could work like a fullstop at the end of a sentence.


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