Wednesday, July 14, 2010


 tuck pattern

having a good time albeit the heat with the knitting the way the silk doupioni knits and the way it slinkily unwinds from the cone and into the tension eyelets, almost like a  modern ballet.
this will go into the vat and will end up as a draw string pouch, hopefully.
hashing some thoughts about using macine knits in other than  the predictable wearables.

yesterday was absolute virtual heaven. while looking for the  aforementioned piazza colonna link , you know how it is one link leads to another and then google maps and sidewalk view...and i found myself  taking a walk and i was suddenly in front of my  building in my erstwhile neighborhood in rome. i've always felt  saudade for this  city, every day of my life. it is curious as i've never felt saudade for neither my hometown nor my country. apparently one does not have a choice on saudade, it just happens.

things that i thought would never change had indeed changed; the standa  dept. store is long gone, but my favorite pizzeria is still there a block from my building. could not locate visconti's vila on via salaria, but piero, the flower vendor whose stall is next to the building's gate is still there , reclining against his car as ever.
and the pine  tree in the middle of via capodistria is still forcing   a detour from the straight path, what joy! my favorite walk to via tagliamento and its shoe shops, passing through piazza mincio with its  fountain and beautiful buildings has not changed at all, my building still sports the same color, but some buildings on the corso have been torn down to make space for newer ones, although the character of the corso is still the same. and the suculent al glicine restaurant is still there :) ♥

however i think the saddest loss is that decadent hotel with a garden like the finzi contini's next to la rinascente on piazza fiume. my friend julia and i used to go there for tea because she adored the old waiter and the turn of the century decadent atmosphere. it will now become part of those mythical places where once i was happy.

neki desu
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  1. saudade = natsukashii (なつかしい) in
    日本語. Both are good words, are they not?

  2. like saudade of summer??? :)
    lovely word, must learn it


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