Thursday, July 22, 2010

ouvrages de dames-chart1


here we go, the first chart is a pretty design of art nouveau roses.
i'm including the gravure of the project as it is a  very charming  rendition of a purse with its accessories namely a glass case and coin purse. coincidentally when i visited hvittr√§sk i took photos of cushions embroidered with a similar motif. you can tell it was the way roses were rendered then. click on the embroidery chart and you can see it full  size. 

btw, do you like my signature? :)have to tweak it a bit and make the background transparent.

neki desu
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  1. wow!! Thanks for sharing.
    Did you manage to find more gold? ;)

  2. This project represents an embroidered leather purse for the bath room. From left to right are attached: a coin purse, a watch and a notebook.

    Greetings from France, Christa


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