Thursday, July 08, 2010

keeping your cool ; )


can be difficult in this weather and everyone complaining about the heat. here's the latest invention chez nous.
  •  slice some watermelon and cube it
  •  soft freeze the cubes
  • put them through a blender
  • put the blend in a tall glass and fill it with seltz water.
you'll enjoy the best watermelon soda sweeteners, no extra calories, no additives .and for the price of a soda you can get 2 whole watermelons fully recyclable!

ps. everybody was walking around this morning with a silly grin on the face.
even the chinese shopkeepers from  dollar stores  were flag waving.

neki desu
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  1. That's the part I love with the world cup. Yes, i'm old enough to remember the last time it hit France :-)

  2. After Englands very disappointing show at the World Cup I've fancied Spain to get to the final so I'll be cheering them on Sunday.

  3. Anonymous5:43 PM

    will have to try that! have a watermelon in the fridge right now but our weather is pretty cool here for july. barely getting over 70 every day and sun coming out after 2 pm!

  4. now THAT sounds wonderful. if only watermelon were in season here...

    oh--congratulations to spain.


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