Friday, June 04, 2010

in the making

ash-lye detail

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and for most these shots are not your regular beauty shots.
ash-lyehowever with time and patience the yucky water will transform into ash lye which in turn will feed the ai vat and convert it to beautiful dyeing power. the rest as they say will make history. nor not.

 the lye water will be used in a natural fermentation vat whose process is different from  the more commonly used reduction of the main differences is that contrary to reduction vats a fermentation vat needs oxygen to thrive. no wonder when i visited the aizome workshop dyers were so careless letting the yarns drip into the vat. a huge no-no with reduction vats.

 on another note, from now on the outdoor activity will slowly increase  as it gets too hot to work in the studio.this blog will  be more  dyeing rich in  content.


here's the cold dyed  madder yarn from this post. it was quietly left in the pot in the sun for 4 days. not a bad color and the dye has not fully exhausted so there's more yarn in there.

but for now the weekend  with  my usual  blog hiatus is coming . some visual  dyeing goodies here
and  here.note the splashing!

enjoy your weekend.!

neki desu
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