Monday, May 24, 2010

sorbello, mezzo sorbello, e la luna


on a stitching roll.a fine weather weekend full of energy which was transformed into great stitching time. this week's TAST was sorbello. my kind of stitch, easy effective and tons of fun. also great departure from the weaving intensity of lately.
thinking about those italian ladies sitting at their doors in their village  at the doppo pomeriggio chatting and stitching, amicably competing in their needle dexterity. let myself be carried away and i think i might have  even invented something, second third and fourth rows on the right of the photo. i even did a photo tute as i got so excited about it. ya'll let me know and i'll post it.

speaking of tutes, while i was going through my stitching reverie i thought about giving  the last  go to boullion knots, one of my pet peeve stitches.located  mary corbett of needle and thread and her great video tute  on bullions. 
found a milliner's needle, sat at the computer and followed it and wow! they came out looking like the video!! no more hating bullions  my friends :). in fact i foresee a bullion overkill in the next few weeks.

neki desu
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  1. Hi Niki I have been peering at your work at your request and checked out your flickr page too but I can't make out the detail of your stitch. If you want to post a close detail of your invention or email it to me I will happily get excited with you, or if its blobby news will tactfully as possible tell you if it is a variety I have seen before. Either way it's great experimentation AND I am pleased the bullion issue is no longer an issue.


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