Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sweating bullets

sweating bullets

for the past 2.5 days no other activity than fight with the ether, the server, the computer. and husband-san has been ducking, just in case. i finally made the move to another server . i'm somewhat computer literate, but i'm not a geek. daring, yes. very. but not a i'm a firm believer that if you can read you can do almost everything so it goes. i'll leave the rest to your imagination.
anyway, the page is up, still needs minor tweaks, but i'm giving the server time to update and renew, still getting 404 for some pages as it's a slow one. my major requirement has been met, they do not host adult/porno pages, so i can live with a slow server.
by the end of the week it'll be all done. hang in there with me.

neki desu view

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