Tuesday, April 20, 2010

some stitching and TAST

button and rope

 i was doing some stitching for the TAST over the weekend. problems with the deceivingly simple portuguese border stitch so i cut it out.  will go back to it because i liked the stitch, seems that as with basque stitch the problem is with the iberian peninsula :)
skipped the bullion family stitch  without even trying because from the other TAST my bullions were pathetic. however, i was having a great time stitching the knotted buttonhole stitch and feeling quite accomplished for my stitching abilities( need i clarify they are almost zero?) . stitching is very mind freeing, while your hands are moving the mind can go places.

i remembered i had kept a butt ugly piece from when i started stitching 3 years ago (already??) the fabric was kind of cool, a sample from my resist explorations that i had stitched and added some ribbon. it was so ugly that when i showed  it to a friend she was left speechless, afraid to offend me with a comment. LOL!
i dug it out from the bottomless drawer and took out the ribbons. then the stitching took off in a jolly sort of way.i wasn't creating anything special, just enjoying the stitching, adding some beads here, some more seed stitches there. you know the scenario.

all in all it was a pleasant late sunday afternoon. some sound thinking was done and i'm almost there with TAST.

indo rope
 here's the before.

the after was rotated and stitched. furthermore the stamping block was rubbed with a gold paint stick. if you click on the image it will take you to a bigger photo at flickr. apologies for the photos, we have a foggy morn in barcelona. the smoke cloud perhaps?

 neki desu

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