Thursday, April 22, 2010

runner up


finito. the actual fun will be next week when i give it to my friend. watching his face. still have some more warp and will either weave another runner for him in another color or make linen bread cloths. gave this a real hard press with lots of steam,  my arms are still aching from it. the hot spots in the photo are  because of  the shine of the linen.

i'm also mordanting and extracting dye from madder. have begun doing some dyeing, but right now i'm at the second dip.doing it very slowly- the operative word is slow- and at very low flame, because  as you all know, if you hurry it and pump up the flame the color gets brownish. so far the color is pale,but clear. however that can change any minute. photos tomorrow. coincidentally-or not, who knows-the color of the runner is also madderish color.

neki desu

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  1. oh i love madder.... and this is beautiful...

  2. It's great! Your friend will love it, guaranteed.

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    how wonderful to see the whole cloth! is it his name that is woven into the fabric ? the pattern is lovely and non alpha from a distance. love the color intensity at the ends.

  4. Oh wow - it is amazing! (here via jude's link)

  5. madder reds are my favorite colors. and the runner is very fine. lucky friend.

  6. Very successful piece in its totality and in its parts. You must describe his reaction when your friend receives it!


interaction appreciated!


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