Monday, April 12, 2010

a relatively unsuccesful one


the scarf. already finished and in post prod phase, stuck in a pot of akane (madder), slowly dyeing. the plan was to use felting resist paste to resist large areas, but to my disappointment, the felting resist paste didn't resist much. have to keep at it. however, the felting came out nice though with the planned tracking on one end.
has anyone had any  fortune with the felting resist paste?
linen runner

loom already warped with a linen warp for a table runner gifto.trying to finish before the studio gets too hot to work in. still  deciding  on the color of the linen weft. note the new template contraption on the selvedge. looks a lot less low tech.

and speaking of tech, have been learning to use the bamboo tablet . retouching has never been easier!wiping out whole windows and cars from photos in a whiz . this looks like a late life career :)

there are also 2 small books parked at various stages of completion  and  the stitching  challenge that has been neglected for two weeks now. all this frenzy is because i want to finish all before the good weather sets in. meaning indigo dyeing again and a new book to explore along with it.

 on the other hand, the week ahead looks pretty gloomy as there's a lot of domestic bs to clear. seems that lately  the bs multiplies exponentially.which makes me wonder how on earth i managed it, did studio work and had a job.

neki desu

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  1. oh i haven't worked with a linen warp in so long. i remember it not being very elastic, so good tension was essential..

  2. great stuff: madder dyeing, two books for us to look at (i hope), linen to weave, indigo on tap. maybe the domestic stuff will just fade away....

  3. My tolerance for domestic bs has declined dramatically as I get older. (Also my tolerance for the job part of it.) I think it's just a natural stage in human development :-)


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