Tuesday, April 06, 2010

building bridges


break is over and came back with my head buzzing. the  highlight  of the trip was the exhibit at the thyssen museum on monet and abstraction. the thesis behind the exhibit is  that his paintings were crucial in the development of abstract expressionism and other forms of painterly abstraction. and it is pure aesthetic pleasure to see the works of among others rothko, helen frankenthaler, cy twombly,  pollock, de kooning confronted with monet's paintings. the exhibit is divided into seven sections six of which  are shown at the thyssen and the remaining two at the fundacion caja madrid.
in the mists and variations section along with turner there were 3 magnificent rothkos. this one  for example is in a private collection and as such a rare treat  because it is not frequently shown. i  adore his work and this one pulled me inside the painting with such force that i was oblivious of the people around and their was as if i were floating inside the painting. too bad the subtle color nuances and soft edges are lost in the representation.


then there were 2 wonderful frankenthalers in the reflections and transparencies section and we fell in love with a small pollock that was included in the brushstroke and gesture section.  i'm just highlighting my favorites, therefore to be a bit objective walk through the exhibit and never mind the speaking.

and speaking of walking we did some marathon sessions, one day 4kms non stop. not bad at all considering i lost two kilos and i'm thrilled with it because we ate like crazy. as a curio we noted that the  maundy thursday and good friday  processions are  really big in madrid  with lots of participation and onlookers. not so in barcelona.

back to the studio!

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  1. WOW, that seems to have been A weekend!
    So glad you had fun.

  2. Anonymous3:13 PM

    So while I'm stuck in the MOTHER OF ALL RUTS, you've been tripping the light fantastic in Madrid, attending exhibitions and finding inspirational Linen...mmmm - so I'm off to Fleko alone then!

  3. So while I'm stuck in the MOTHER OF ALL RUTS you've been in Madrid tripping the light fantastic, going to exhibitions and digging up your mum in laws Linen! I'm off to Fleko's alone then!


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