Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wing needles


amazing what can be achieved with a needle. you spend thousands in a sewing machine and then with just the utility stitches and a winged needle you are all set. and Schmetz has an assortment of them to make anyone happy.

traditionally winged needles are used for what is called heirloom other words recreating old fashioned, labor intensive hand stitching. the operative words are labor and  intensive.i can only think of my grandmother and her needlework, who knows if she'd found these needles her needlework would have changed.
because of the multitude of stimuli, we are  less focused now for embarking in labor intensive projects. yet we keep on traditions using modern shortcuts. nothing to be ashamed of.


testing the needle on a heavy cotton scrap.
this as i found out is not the ideal material .
in spite of that i could get an idea of the possibilities, which  i think, are especially effective with the utility stitches.also tried tightening the top tension and liked what i got on the back(right photo).

there are a few jump start tutorials on line  here and here

 this place has downloadable pdfs, scroll down to find them.although traditional they give ideas on fabrics and sewing machine feet that can be used with the needles.i am curious to do a test on tulle using very tight tension. let's see if it's workable or just another science fiction project :D
have fun!

neki desu

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  1. well this wing needle is new to me. interesting.


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