Monday, March 22, 2010

tast and weaving

3 Beaded Hedebo Edge
 multitasking again.this week's TAST was fun and easy and there's much more that one can do with it than what i made with my sample.the name is complicated 3 Beaded Hedebo Edge, but the execution was a breeze.

simply weaving 3 
here's my excuse for not stitching very much.
 what? a boring plain weave?? or as a friend calls it with great irony very open weave tabby. it's that wonderful merino yarn again  which really doesn't need very much. just let it speak for itself ; note the sweet fuzz in front of the shuttle.
the kick will come in the post production. all i'm saying for now is that fortuny got me thinking :)

back to the loom.

 neki desu

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  1. nothing like plain weave. simply a marvel. always amazes me.

  2. plain and simple and fortuny- leaves me wondering-

  3. i'm guessing. woohoo! i'll bet it's gonna be something.


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