Monday, March 15, 2010

the ever gadgeteer

double eyed needles

i don't think i  have to say i love gadgets, but just in case i love gadgets. today after many many cold and rainy days  with the first sunny albeit cold day  and my b'day coming up soon i crossed town to go to the Elna sewing machine they say here i paid tribute to myself acquiring 4 different kinds of fancy needles.

these are the first bunch.Schmetz double eye needles which enable working with 2 threads. unlike twin needles these give just one line of stitch, but in two colors.

testing needleshere is a test run, a free motion blurb.the needles look promising in what they can do. time to explore; zigzags, blanket stitch, that sweet eyelet stitch!
 the other needles will get their posts along the week. i have to finish the TAST for this week though. and start knotting warp ends for a weaving fantasy i have in my head.

 however, i saw a great embroidery machine at the Elna and i wonder if........

neki desu

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