Friday, March 26, 2010

and stitching too


have been working on a new series slowly and quietly as a refuge against too much background noise.
i'm using my MIL's old linen, and trying to preserve the mends.but since mends and she do not belong in the same sentence those will have to be isolated and saved for some other project.this series has  some hand stitching and also bits of her black lace.and  is full of machine  tucks and heirloom stitching with the wing needle.

i'm  using her first communion photo which i found rummaging through her things. it is a photo of a
on the mend 1 girl with a bit of a dark side, metaphorically speaking, transfered on lutradur.
as i work i can't help but think of her life and the times she lived through. moreover i feel that through this series i'm becoming a connection and a connector. 
the photos of the pieces are also given  a look. the straight up photos can be found here.

have a great spring weekend!

neki desu

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  1. will you make a little book?

  2. What a treat! A great idea for a series!


interaction appreciated!


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