Wednesday, February 10, 2010

holy patience

back cover book of holy patience and endurance

back cover                                                                           front cover

The title of this book has been premonitory. Thanks to all who have suggested web hosts.Keep those suggestions coming !. i need to change hosts before my domain expires as i foresee upcoming nightmares if i don't change hosts before then.
These book covers were my moment of solace, so to speak.  i also added a bit of silver foil to the back pages  for punch and on the inside the white buttons were taken off.

book of  holy patience and endurance back opened

Here's the back with  silver foiled pages.i am really enjoying the white on black painting. It's terrible to take good photos, but  i like the depth it creates.
Signing off because blogger is acting up. i REALLY don't need that.

neki desu

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