Tuesday, January 12, 2010

however, i'm still a weaver

fabric ans shuttle2

And still weaving this cloth.The yarns are soft and they sing a particular song as the beater gently beats them in place.The colors blend creating an all over mottled color .The cloth is predominatly black with dark blue and gray yarns interspersed.
It's going slowly, but pleasurably.

And about slow cloth indeed, check out the Slow Cloth group on FB .It seems there are some issues bothering textile makers and this is a place for having challenging , civic discussions without invoking any deity or supra natural power if you know what i mean.There's also lots of information sharing.

neki desu

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  1. it's good to return to the rhythm and familiar haptic pleasure of weaving on the loom. and all the other pleasure. i see the books as very much textile cousins, and like how they talk to each other. lovely cloth.

  2. Does it feel as good as it looks? The kind of cloth to weave on a very cold day. This is gorgeous.


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