Wednesday, October 28, 2009

on a one person mission

to save the world economy. Between last Friday and today i've done more than most secretaries of treasury to help the economy.Last Friday i ordered the yarns above. Gorgeous 2/48 merino from Colourmart. This is the second time i order from them and they always amaze me with their fast delivery. A dark blue, a tad darker than the photo, a black , a brown /charcoal melange and a dark charcoal cone will be woven into a very restrained Oelsner crepe cloth for a top.difficult to create a new crepe bcause Oelsner mapped them all out.

On Saturday i ordered 4 books from Amazon.Don't think they qualify for the mission as i used a gift cert i had.But still they fall within the shop till you drop scheme.
On Monday i ordered a new Elna sewing machine. i wanted the 5100 which is relatively simple in bells and whistles, but it has what i need-want.And price wise i do not have to rent out husband-san by the hour in order to buy it.
i also bought some embroidery threads while at the shop.When i go back to pick the machine up i'm contemplating getting some accessories such as embroidery feet and twin needles.
And this coming Friday i'm checking out a tailor dummy with Ruth.

All this shopping activity is very unusual to me because i'm not into shopping and shopping is not my idea of a fun pastime. So this definitely is a mission.
Can't wait to chill out and start weaving

neki desu

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  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    That yarn site looks excellent. I might have to see what the shipping is to Canada! Thanks, Evelyn

  2. I've ordered from Colourmart, too, and was very pleased with speed and quality. Even shipping to California was fast. Can't wait to see your crepe cloth woven!

  3. my my. mission, i'll say.

  4. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I think there must be more sources for fine yarn and reeled silk available in Europe. I tried getting a reeled silk fine enough to weave a tartan scarf commission a number of years ago and wasn't able to find any in N.A. and didn't know where to look in Europe. (pre-easy-internet!)

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Mmmm, nice yarn shop. I haven't used them before so maybe it's time I did my bit for the economy too...

  6. retail therapy, you can't beat it :-)


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