Monday, October 05, 2009

hectic weekend

black velvet2

Weekends have developed into a non stop race.Comes Monday and i'm exhausted.
Between the mundane(won't bore you with domestic bs, grocery shopping and related minutia),meeting friends and spending quality time with husband -san i need to scrape some time for me. And if lucky convert some of it in studio time.
The above is a test of different fabrics and wool yarn embellished on velvet.Interesting material, velvet. Slowly getting to know the embellisher better.

Then some tying on to a remaining warp. Look at all those pretty little knots! Only a weaver can appreciate this photo:)
little knots
warp The dark blue wool warp will be converted into this with a mirrored treadling. i'm still sampling colors and remembered why i weave almost exclusively with silk. The tie up was designed like a graphic image and includes 3/1, 1/3 twills and a little plain weave.
It hasn't presented take up problems.

On Friday i was given a kilo and a half of walnut hulls and have also been processing that for an impending dye session.Now that the weatherman has announced hot weather from mid week well into next weekend i can do some dyeing on the terrace, to husband-san's relief.

And last but not least, i've also been doodling a bit getting focused for the new surface design series i've been pondering.
Time for a nap.

neki desu

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  1. Beautiful draft! And lovely knots. I'll be getting to know this process awfully well, I think...

  2. oh, i miss those knots..... and the embellishment on velvet is cool. velvet is interesting. i like how things can sink into it or flatten it. a great relief medium.
    that will be some weave....waiting.
    hectic is better than nothing.


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