Monday, September 14, 2009

the lily pond series nº2


Actually this was the first woven and i was trying out the colors and grist of the linen yarns.i got my information, that's what samples are for aren't they?, but the results were very literal.That's when i made up my mind to use the weave as a background for brocading and surface techniques.
There's needle felting and machine stitching here. Pleased with the different qualities of the encircling line.
Meanwhile there's a downpour outside...oh no !and a hail storm.Poor plants.

neki desu

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  1. hey that looks pretty cool! I love the fact that I can see the warp and weft of it.. the turquoise hints are cool too!

  2. i just cut up all my old weavings into pieces (the one's i didn't like.) i was thinking of using them as bases for stitching. maybe you have inspired me. they are wool. good for winter work perhaps.

  3. I love the textural contrasts between the woven structure, the stitching, and the felted bits. And the color variations are wonderful. Great work!


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