Sunday, August 30, 2009

today's word- astound

In another post i mentioned some islamic embroideries i saw at a recent show and how impressive they were. i set out on a quest to find more of them on line and by one of those happy turns i landed at a site specialising in suzanis the hand embroidered fabrics from the Uzbekistan area and linked to the silk road trade. i had never heard the term before, but thanks to their well documented explanation and their catalog i came out with a fair understanding of the textiles.
Just one word to describe them- astounding.
Moreover the page also carries hand woven ikats and hand knotted rugs from the Turkey. Note that the operative word here is hand.
Delving in further i found this other page with more suzani pieces.
What a nice way to relax on a Sunday ! i'm sure my embroidery friends will enjoy these finds too.

neki desu

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  1. suzanis are my favorite things, i am always impressed with the coverage of the stitches and that they are designed on separate vertical strips of backing and worked on my multiple members of the family and then put together.

  2. thanks for shring this - I loved the fact that they're often woven in narrow strips and stitched by different people and joined together afterwards - really appeals to me.


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