Thursday, July 02, 2009

full circle

mali shibori
Today is going to be fiendishly hot so i don't know how much i'll be able to dye.
More interesting things about ai i've found when doing some cross reading. Pardon my being so emphatic, but there are some people who have reading comprehension problems and this is meant for helping them. Found an excellent article here on indigo in Mali. As the material i'm using comes from there i could extrapolate one ot two things. Are the extrapolations correct? Will have to test them.

i also resurrected one of my first dye books an erudite treatise by Lenor Larsen called The Dyers Art , a socio-anthropological cross cultural study of dyeing and patterning methods. Not a how to, but incredibly valuable information is found in it.
And to close the circle the photo is a beautiful rough cotton textile from Mali.i
have my doubts whether it was dyed with natural indigo. But beauty is beauty nonetheless.

neki desu

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  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    you are coming up with some great resources for me to study and i thank you for that! i agree with you- beauty is beauty is beauty. i was just contemplating that yesterday as i worked on a custom piece for someone which started out as chemically dyed (acid dye) black silk and progressed to a itajime discharged piece. sitting next to some of my recent indigo pieces, the range of blues and blue blacks was nearly identical. it would be hard for the average bear to tell the difference. just got me thinking about how and what to make with the indigo that would make it stand out as uniquely indigo or does it really matter in the end? anyway, looks like lots of good reading to sort through between here and the link you posted to Coloring Matters. WOW!


interaction appreciated!


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