Tuesday, July 07, 2009

beauty shot
Change of weather, it's cloudy and insanely humid. Not good for dyeing therefore there's a Japanese movie waiting to be seen this afternoon. A treat to go to that part of town. A town in itself, Gracia is full of nice shops, wine bars, restaurants and original version movie houses. With an interesting bead shop 3 doors down the movie house. And as local gossip goes the home town of Jackson Browne during part of the year.

Now going back to aizome i've been having lots of fun whilst dyeing( notice the e between y and i ):D exchanging tips, jokes and impressions with Glennis and we've become sort of deranged, as one of my vats. But before derangement i was able to accomplish what you can see above. A beauty shot, oi? Ai in all stages and shades.Hopefully i'll be able to continue tomorrow.
Some observations before moving on:
  • it is true that the more the goods dyed with natural dyes age the better the color. Color develops and gains depth, will show proof of it tomorrow . It's all about slow dyeing .
  • if you whip the fermentation vats until you create a thick froth they will, given a rest of a couple of days, correct the problems themselves. Just be patient and do not do anything . Slow dyeing again.
  • Pay attention to the smells.If it smells swampy( not my term) and turns brown a bit of iron sulphate will correct this as it means too much lime.

The information comes from this book Coloring Matters my present bible and my best find of the year. It also talks about madder, logwood and other historical dyes and it is full of not only the hows, but also the whys.

And keeping on with the slow doings a terrible photo of the latest weaving of the series.

nº5 i was too impatient to re shot . Saving my patience to embellish the weaving . :)

A request before signing off. There have been problems with this blog's feed and i spent all Sunday morning at it. Think i fixed it. Could ya'll please let me know if it works?

Oh and btw today is San Fermin when lots of youth and the not so young will be testing their testosterone by running in front of the bulls, a very atavistic event. Sorry, Hemingway did not invent it!

neki desu

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  1. Is the beauty spot the batch on the right? Or what? And what's the little patch below?esskewoo

  2. I'm so glad this indigo vat is being kind! Those deep blues are a thing of beauty and wonder.

  3. Thanks for the book! Definitely a keeper.


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