Monday, May 04, 2009

starry night-the idea

starry night

i was working on this and it was going to be submitted to a juried show. Stuff, lots of it, got in the way and i never got to send the application.This is a difficult one to photograph so perhaps that kept me busy in other fronts so that i didn't have to deal with the photos.
The piece is my take on trellis stitch.Worked with a very fine reflective thread it gives a lacy net. In between there are French knots worked with glow in the dark thread. It looks awesome in the dark! But try taking a photo :( The black velvet foundation does not facilitate things either.
After some unsuccessful attempts i just gave up. And i'm not a quitter.
This will be filed in the for-your-eyes-only category.

neki desu

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  1. looks like random bobbin lace :-)

  2. It`s stunning Neki.

  3. looks good from here but i am not close enough i guess. i like the whole idea of it. contrast on many levels.

  4. I like the delicacy, it reminds me of cobwebs sparkled with dew

  5. Aren't you clever!What a way to use those threads and trellis stitch! I like what I see Neki.

  6. Where embroidery meets basketmaking! An interesting piece, intriguing materials. More! More!


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