Monday, May 11, 2009

my rust phase

Align Centerrust wire
Still going on although not as strong. This is part of the series i was working on last year. i was very pleased with the results and submitted some of the works to the Small Expressions show and the triennial in Hungary and they were accepted.
That's why i could neither blog nor show any of the work until now. There are some 15 or 20 works and i'll be posting them occasionally.

strata series wire knit2 These are rusted and stitched zisflor (sort of) paper with knitted copper wire incorporated.the wire was also rusted resulting in that gorgeous verdigris.The gorgeousness of rust is that depending on the material it takes different colors. Serves as a good metaphor for life.

neki desu

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  1. Neki I'm impressed--I love it.

  2. Two beautiful pieces Neki

  3. Congratultions! They are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them. Please tell us some more about your thoughts behind.


interaction appreciated!


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