Monday, May 25, 2009

improvising as i go

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This is a fun warp, no pressure, no ambition, just plain let's see what happens.
i started with a drawing saved in my Fiberworks sketchpad which then was put it through the P program, the one you can't name without the copyright notes or else... After that i went to The Book for inspiration. Having woven very little lampas it seemed like a good choice for experimenting .

As every weaver knows the threading once threaded is written in stone, but the liftplan is flexible because you can change as you go. Cut and paste, wrap, you name it, those are the joys of computer assisted loom weaving.

Once the structures are assigned to each layer in the liftplan this image is flattened, saved as bitmap and opened in Fiberworks sketchpad.
This image in turn is copied and pasted to a liftplan and saved as a wif along with the threading and other information such as color or thickness. Because i use Patternland to drive the loom i have to be able to open the file there hence the wif file.

This first piece was woven using the lampas dobby presets straight up. After this i'm going to start creating other presets to go with my threading and image as i will also be brocading parts of the weft.

i am not really concerned if the outcome doesn't conform to the lampas weaving canon because i'm going to be post processing the pieces. A lot. The weaving talibans will come after me for sure, but anything for the look i want so why set limits?
And as Alice says i created the weaving so i can do with it whatever i want :)

neki desu

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  1. Ooo, I like this!

  2. this is marvelous with its shifts. that book looks great and if i hadn't "unplugged" my machine years ago, i would certainly invest in it. but i suppose it could be done the old fashioned way . very slowly? maybe i'll get it anyway.

  3. Truly gorgeous and what are rules except some things to be broken! That is when all the serendipity fairies visit.
    I do look forward to seeing what you do next with this piece - and of course, the next thing on the warp. The colours are wonderful.


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