Friday, May 29, 2009


nº2 lampas project

This is what i'm cooking and i'll go back to work right now. But before let me gripe a little.
Yesterday i went to a juried art exhibit with a painter friend of mine. She had entered a painting and had to go to the opening to find out whether her work had been accepted or not. Keep counting, please.

The awards were announced and the exhibit opened. Ninety eight percent of the works were figurative. And some of them verging on the commonplace.
This in a country which gave Miro and Tapies to the world.
It is disenchanting to say the least, that in year 2009 people still need to see the little house with the path and the tree. And i'm quoting my art history teacher on the house, the path and the tree.

By the way, my friend didn't get accepted.

neki desu

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  1. well. so it goes. why?

    and i like what is cooking. did you paint the threads?


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