Thursday, April 30, 2009

unplugging the unplugged


This is a parable.You have to do things at their right time.To everything turn,turn, turn. If not you risk having the man in the house, the aesthetic ruler in person, exclaiming OH no we're back to the 70's!

i had never ever indulged in textured weaving as i thought it was the most evident and the easiest way out. Take some textured yarn and pedal away and you'll have a hit. When i started weaving i wanted to take all those old fashioned patterns that appeared in Davison's green book
and update them by giving a contemporary look. i have a tendency to be blinded by ambition.

After some years it wasn't enough and i started designing my own patterns and that brought me to fine yarns.
All of a sudden the 70's were over and i had overlooked the lumpy clumpy yarns in fashion never to look back.
It is very comforting to be able to refer to the 70's in weaving circles. In the DIY circles most of the people were not even projects in the 70's :) But i'm digressing.

My own personal stash reducing campaign put me in contact with the Haitian cotton skeins i had acquired way back. Well, yes, a table runner, something simple and quick as the goal is stash reducing. It resulted in a time warp confirmed by husband-san.

The table runner needs a very hard press to flatten it a bit but we will be using it no matter what. We've got the dishes that go with it . Scandinavian, of course :)
That's it for unplugged and unplugginess.

i'm done with wabi-sabi for a while. i want to weave something complex and intricate now in very,very fine threads. Moving on.

neki desu

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  1. i have some of this cotton, and somewhere something like you have woven. and lumpiness is creeping back in over here. i am really getting into texture.
    i am patiently waiting for complex.

  2. Interesting - how we so often think along the same lines - I look at my thick stuff sitting in cartons and think why did I buy that? However having said that - I can imagine how lovely your table runner is - so very, very tactile.


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