Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the never ending warp-epilog part1

Starting from the end.i got 50 centimetres from the damask preset-see here and here Being a kamikaze weaver i don't know if i got what i was supposed to get, but it was fun and you can't beat that.Now, don't take the kamikaze reference literally :)!
This is an image of the curves developed on the liftplan

And this is the liftplan with the structure thrown :) on the graphic image. Even after coloring the image it doesn't show very well, but you can click on the image for a better view.An awesome system as the same curves can be woven in other structures!! Graphic blocks or graphic profiles.
Now i need to find how to use that bit of silk cloth. Ideas anyone??

neki desu

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  1. gosh i love these ripples in water.
    you could use it for anything and it would be fabulous.


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