Friday, January 23, 2009

working to the music

red dots

"At last".
The work is flowing effortlessly and it's been very enjoyable. Tyvek is a source of wonder as i've discovered you don't really need to distress it to make it work. Mind you i like the distressed look, but somehow this does not go with my mother in law. And as all of you who read this blog sense it , yes, this series is about her.

There are other ideas to work on and for now they're on the back burner as i need time to study Nihongo.The good news is that i have a feeling we're only studying kanjies covered in the Noken test. No exoticalia such as to go up to Tokyo or volcanic rock. The bad news is that i miss my former classmates a lot. They were a very special lot and incredibly funny and we were on the same wave length.. And i miss Sensei too. He is such a good teacher. i think that next year i'm going back to his academic arms :-)

neki desu

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  1. the red dots are incredible here and yes i understood the theme here. effortlessly flowing is a great feeling, yes? happens somewhere in the heart.
    nothing like a good teacher. i understand that too.

  2. I agree with Jude - love the red dots with the black and the dots with the lace in general. Enjoy your Japanese even without volcanic rock. I'm full of admiration.

  3. I've wanted to try tyvek too. this piece is a nice statement. When you find a good teacher, stick to him!

  4. Ah yes, dots. I love this piece. Happy and sad all together.


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