Friday, January 16, 2009

putting it all together

 lace 1

i'm working with an old lace mantilla that belonged to my mother in law's mother. i believe it is Chantilly lace beautifully hand embroidered on silk tulle. It is unfortunately disintegrating to the touch, that's why i have no regrets in cutting it up.

When i saw this lace i instantly knew i wanted to work with it in some way and started thinking in ways of putting the concept behind it and the actual material together. i also wanted to use the new materials i have lately come in contact with, but in a non dominant way.
Going further on this i'm using a Tyvek substrate, adding color and also heat treating some bits for texture, putting to use what i learned in the Fibre-in Form workshop that i took last month.
So far i think i've managed not to throw all into one piece. Comments anyone?

The work is is coming along as a new series and i'm enjoying it very much.
There is an interesting connection as some days ago a question was raised in Stitching Fingers about theme and motivation to which i answered that among other things textiles and cloth motivated me.

And keeping on with the motivation topic i started Japanese lessons again. Gosh can't start counting the ways i enjoy studying it, albeit the fact that it will take over my life. However, this term classes are once a week, an ideal scenario for an おばさん ( obasan ) like me :)

Meanwhile in planet weaving everything's on hold as i need to complete 80 cms.

neki desu

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  1. Beautiful! It's always inspiring to use a component that has deep family connections in a piece combined with other elements. -- Sandra

  2. Neki, its fabulous. An absolutely perfect way to show off the old lace. Pure genius. You must be very pleased with this - I know I would be :)

  3. I think by cutting it up and incorporating it into another piece, actually preserves it, especially sine it is disintegrating. I can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. i like the part where it all melts together.


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