Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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She was a strong woman. She jumped all possible social conventions, in a time almost impossible to do so, to be with the love of her life and have a child by him.
She was fun, entertaining, loved cigarettes, cocktails, whiskey, dancing, but above all she loved Tomás.
She was a mixture of bohemian and grand lady, and although not religious she would always, noblesse oblige, help whoever needed help in such a way that people almost didn't notice.
She was the only person i've ever met who proclaimed with such intensity that she had been so very happy that it gave you goose bumps.
She not always did the right thing, but in the end she acknowledged it.
My only sorrow is that i did not have time to spoil her.

May she be with Tomás somewhere dancing the night away.

Rosario and Tomàs

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  1. what a lovely post. i am teary eyed.

  2. A lovely tribute, Neki

  3. A very moving tribute Neki.


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