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November TIF is now housed in Sharon's new blog, Pin Tangle as you may all know by now.
The theme is typography as a design element.
And to me, japanophilia aside, kangies are the epitome of typography as design.

Kangies are Chinese characters used in Japanese writing. They are somewhat stylized graphic renderings of objects and nature. And they possess the beauty of the brush stroke sometimes energetic and bold other times soft, diffused and demure.

The work above was a UFO that had been lying around waiting to come together.
The background silk fabric was bag dyed(LWI) and the inset was shibori dyed in black with a resulting interesting color haloing or separation.
Then i overprinted a section of a Japanese newspaper with my beloved Print Gocco, one of the most versatile tools for surface designthat have been invented.
Seed and running stitches were added as well as a machine stitched border framing the piece.
And some metallic printing of kangies to direct the eye.

i feel accomplished in having cleared another UFO and completing this months challenge albeit life happening.
And that the list keeps dwindling. :-)

neki desu

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  1. The more I look at it the more there is to see. And I love your definition of ideograms on Flickr!

  2. nice interpretation.....challenging time for you obviously....
    everyone likes those gocco things, i keep thinking about it.


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