Friday, September 19, 2008

goodie goodie on the mirror


With all the upheaval i had not had time to show the goodies i brought back from Helsinki.
Heat bond Angelina in sparkling colors and merino for needlefelting. DUH! What's the big deal you may ask. Well, remember i live in an almost materials deprived zone and were it not for my fairy godmother i would have never touched stuff such as tyvek or misty fuse among others!
Note the colors though, lots of purples and just two blues. Hmmm..


Now these were an astonishing find for me by way of Fiskars. The mandrel coils wire and the wire winder makes rosettes as you can see from the sample. One more turn of the spirograph screw! Can you guess where i'm going?

i also went for broke and bought tubes and tubes of 16/1 linen from Bockens to whet my weaving appetite. Although one needs to be judicious so as not to incur in what Laura Fry calls SABLE.

On another note today i got up at the crack of dawn to take advantage from the fact that husband-san is not coming for lunch.i'll run a small (and short) indigo vat, the last of the season. hoping to round out the darkies today.
Now if i could only tear myself away from the computer.......

neki desu

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  1. don't make me jealous and say indigo vat.

  2. Great colour choice.
    The wire rosettes would look good hanging on a knitted wire piece.
    I'm sure if ever there is anything you need your FG would help out. :)


interaction appreciated!


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