Sunday, July 27, 2008

TIF -where did this month go?

shadow weave

i intended working with this month's concepts, as they were very appealing. But suddenly it's the end of the month and i haven't thought or written anything coherent. The heat and the indigo vats must have really affected me :)
And as i'm doing pretty well in this TIF challenge i don't want to lag behind. The option thus, is the colorway.

i developed this shadow weave from a profile i designed and which i'm unable to locate now.
It's a simple 12 shaft parallel threading. There are a few 3 end floats, but these are design elements. Honestly!

Here are cloth views of different color combos from this month's colorway.
The work was done using Fiberworks PCW, my regular weaving design software. The draft is open source and open to further interpretations. In other words be my guest and enjoy!

neki desu


  1. oh, i am so glad to see the weave draft... and cool software too... now you have me back to focusing on getting my drafts out there.....oh so much to do.....

  2. I admire what you do, and you say it is simple? Gosh! :-)
    From your pictures of this month,I'd say you have been quite busy in fact!

  3. Lovely pattern. That would make wonderful fabric.

  4. seeing design, draft and peg plan after sample loom is with a friend who does some amazing work, makes me want to weave loom has only 8 shafts so I would have to modify the design.

  5. hi neki,

    i'm using natural indigo powder , i had never heard of sukumo so thanks for letting me know. i've searched the web for information on it and it sounds like a wonderful way of making a vat.

    i did it with hydrosulphite and soda ash in a small pan which is not very environmentally friendly.

    i will try a 'safe' vat but i'm afraid that it won't work in a dutch climate , maybe if i put it inside the house...

    just looked at your vat and the blues that came out of it...they seem very dark to me

  6. Very subtle and understated!


interaction appreciated!


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