Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a weaver

My response to May's TIF.
Terse and self assured it has taken me years of agonizing, questioning, justifying and being apologetic about what i do.
Times when i dreaded filling forms with the deadly occupation question. i studied literature and became an EFL teacher, but that was not what i was, that was a small part of the cake.
Always felt and said that i am at my very best when weaving. i can think, create and transform reality into something else either functional or artistic.

i am a weaver who dyes.
i am a weaver who experiments in surface design
i am a weaver who has recently learned to embroider
i am a weaver who is teaching herself to machine knit
i am a weaver who likes to work with animations
am a weaver who creates fractals
i am a weaver who is married
i am a weaver who loves to cook
i am a weaver who gardens
i am a weaver who is a crazy japanophile
i am a weaver.

neki desu


  1. Being a weaver is complicated! I checked on the challenge blog and was a bit tempted, but decided I didn't have the time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow. i think i need to faint. i would say that a weaver is definitely what you are,and that being said, go over to girl, and share some woven shibori with her.....

  3. Neki
    Can you hear the applause from here? So beautifully put!

  4. what a joyful (and poetic) response

  5. these are beautiful works. And the material -- linen? wool? silk?


interaction appreciated!


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