Tuesday, April 08, 2008

weaving on a table loom


Had not used the table loom in a long while,charmed by my dobby loom. And the thing is that it is not a hassle weaving on it. Actually, it has a very good shed, better than the dobby.Evidently it is not meant for complex weaving,or complex repeats.But for straightforward patters it is a 12 shaft beauty.

The silk yarn that has given me headaches in the past is behaving well here. Perhaps it is because of the dyeing, but on second thought this had also been dyed although not with natural dyes.
Silk here was dyed with kakishibu(persimmon) mordanted with alum and iron thus getting a coppery brown and dark chocolate brown. The blue is ai(indigo) in two values the warp a lighter blue, faded denim, than the weft.

It is a very unpretentious crepe weave, Oelsner's 867 that will give a soft texture after wet finished.
It is sheer joy to weave this wabi stole, simple, unasuming, the quality of the yarn doing all the speaking.
Restrained beauty.

neki desu


  1. sheer simplicity oh god, it is gorgeous. i will take some time off soon and i hope to get to weaving something. i am drooling. and listening.

  2. The ultimate weaving!

  3. Exquisite Weave. The dyes are wonderful with this weave.


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