Tuesday, March 18, 2008

things are not what they were

magnifying rig

Actually, nothing is the way it was anymore :) . Had to rig the loom with a magnifying glass in order to be able to thread the 15 ends X cm reed. And this is a rather open sett. And having trouble still.Thinking that this project can qualify for the small things in life TIF as the yarn is very small.
And it could also qualify for slow cloth as i've been warping and threading for 2 weeks.

The warp is silk doupioni dyed with kakishibu and ai. The kakishibu ranges from a golden brown to an almost black and the ai is a light blue value. Still debating whether the weft is going to be a peachy kakishibu silk or a medium dark ai silk. It's going to be a very simple crepe weave because the emphasis will be on the colors. The crepe will add just a bit of texture and the colors will gain depth with the way crepe reflects and absorbs light.
And this stole is for yours truly.

For the fast track lane i have been screen printing some fabric. It is batching so i will post it later on the week.

neki desu


  1. Talk about make life hard for yourself *LOL*
    I have some silk threads used for Kumihimo - they just dance in front of my eyes after a while.
    And its a wooden Marudai I'm talking about here not one of those cardboard concoctions that you see about now - I'm such a snob :))

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you!


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