Tuesday, March 25, 2008

inspiring blog meme


The flower was given to me by my neighbor and i'm using it here to illustrate the color of my right eye after i tripped and fell flat on my face last Thursday. Still limping because i also hurt a toe, but on my way to being back in the swing of things, as i've been printing over Easter. Husband-san has been a champ and so was the lady that picked me up from the pavement.

Ok, ten blogs that are a source of inspiration:

Anica for the humor and positive outlook in her work
Jude need i say why?
The Missus ditto
Obachan's Kitchen food and Japan :) :)
Elisabeth -Quieter Moments- what she does with needle and thread is amazing
Grijs design and flair
Weaverly my weaving guru
Rang the Colors of Life inspiring photos and the mood
Aidan Brooks Trainee Chef food and a foreigner's look on the city where i live
Daily Writing Tips what do you want? i love grammar
Maditi-likes there's life and creativity outside our boundaries


neki desu


  1. I would rather have seen a photo of your eye - told you to go easy on the vino **LOL**
    Seriously though, hope you're making a full recovery.
    And thanks for putting me in your line up - much appreciated.

  2. gosh, you on your face and me having to stand to sew, we are all in a pickle lately, yes? haven't done any blog reading in a week....hope you are better.....


interaction appreciated!


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