Wednesday, February 13, 2008

loom controlled shibori

loom controled shibori

Here's take one finished. Aiming at getting mokume (woodgrain) shibori with those zig zags. The stamped red motifs will not dye, so they will act as extra visual texture.

loom controled shibori

Here's the second one in a diamond pattern. i stamped the warp with Pebeo soie paints in a square grid pattern. The weft is a washed denim blue silk and i'm thinking of discharging some parts and then dyeing. The warp is this silk, beautiful doupioni to look at, difficult to work with as it is fuzzy.

Loom controlled shibori offers an enormousist of possibilities. One can:
  • weave in white and then dye
  • weave with a colored warp and then dye
  • weave with a white warp and a colored weft and then dye
  • weave and discharge and then dye
  • stamp with paints weave and dye
  • stamp with fiber reactive dyes weave and dye
  • stamp with fiber reactive dyes, discharge, weave and dye
and lots of other combinations.

As the weavings im working on are just 20 x 20 centimeters i am aiming at using this project as my February TIF hence the printed square grid. Squares are flattened boxes aren't they? :)
The caveat is that when weaving i use that time to do some hard thinking-thinking without obligation- and i would also like to work on a dimensional piece for the challenge.
Yet here i am blogging. Better get back to the loom or March will get me in front of the computer.

neki desu


  1. This looks fantastic stuff - thanks for sharing it

  2. this is amazing, i am so impressed with this technique. beautiful.

  3. I don't know anything about weaving, so this was informative, as well as beautiful to look at.


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