Saturday, February 02, 2008

boxes, boxes tuppence, and other things


i felt the urge to work on a whole piece after doing tests and trials for a week or more. i had also been testing Bondaweb and Misty Fuse that i got in a care package from my fairy godmother. Guess i'll have to give her a tag as she's a recurrent presence here:) The first piece is the lower photo, an exercise in excess, even for me:) i used every resource on hand as a game to see if i
could o.d.and how.You judge.
The second photo which is the first one in this post shows the work i did trying out restrain and wabi-sabi to see if i could do it. It seems that when i want i can :)
As i incorporated knitted copper wire in both pieces i thought it would be fun to name them two penny. Or perhaps tuppence?

Other matters.

Yesterday in jest i commented on the Take it further for February challenge page that i had the chance of using my memory selectively as the theme was memories. i started thinking along those lines and thought of all those boxes that we( or should i speak for myself?) use to store things. Or memories which is what things most of the times stand for.
There are big opaque boxes, transparent ones in smaller sizes. Boxes made of lead, plastic,wood,cardboard, fur lined, silver lined..You name it. Somewhat later i got a message from Marie honoring me with the you make my day award.
Among other kind things said she mentioned that she perceived me as thinking outside the box.

Then i was uploading these photos to Flickr and noticed my tendency of late to let sheer fabric spread and wander outside the boundaries.
The first photo has notes on it and those are indicated by boxes. HMM, the box topic again!
It would be foolish to ignore the signs so i'm working the February challenge using the box as metaphor. There's still some tuning to be done , but it's only 02/02.

Moving onVivian of Vivian-in-stitches has tagged me and i have to mention 7 things about me and tag 7 people.
i'll think about the 7 facts and 7 people and post about it next week.With rules and all :)

This is the longest post in the history of this blog and DH is getting impatient bcause we have to do the groceries. Better sign off.

neki desu


  1. Love your idea about boxes! It's very inspiring!

  2. Both these pieces look wonderful. I surely was trying to teach granny to suck eggs when I said keep your little cast offs they might come in useful :)


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