Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The power of scrim

week 3.5

This week is almost a goner and between studying for an upcoming nihongo test i haven't had enough time to push the TIF work- in -progress. i transfered the image on cotton and was faced with some design decisions. Should i try to be as close to the original as possible or should i interpret freely? If being close to the original option wouldn't that be sort of painting by numbers? Does that make me uncomfortable?

Then color decisions too. i went for the DMC colors, but they did not resemble the colors i had worked with and based the preliminary designs on . Nor the outfit. Consequently i went ahead and kept going with the colors i had started working with. In my colourway i'm using DMC
3787 green and 3782 beige.
i am aware of the screen calibration and graphic card issue and think this should be addressed. i suggest that since Sharon is putting out the challenge she could give the color numbers either hex or rgb or Pantone . Then we'd all work with the same colors regardless of how they appear on the screen. Sharon? Am i giving you extra work? if so please ignore :) Would that facilitate the translation to DMC colors?? Other suggestions?


Another decision was using scrim (cheesecloth for USA folks) to unify the elements. Added some stitching for texture and cut out some parts exposing the stitching underneath and also the glued on cut up floss. But i still need something more and i'm stuck. The left hand area is visually commanding, me thinks. i should also remember not to let scrim wander off the edges of the piece because it then becomes a royal pain to photo or scan. Too bad because i really like those wispy edges :)

neki desu


  1. Someone did, in the very beginning, put up the DMC color numbers, cause I ordered and used those.

    Did you miss that? Or is that not what you mean?

  2. Neki
    I used the numbers at the top of Sharon's colours on the basis they were hex numbers (ignorance is bliss if they weren't and it was a happy accident !) to get RBG and ended up with fairly close approximations to the DMC colours chosen.
    - on my blog I refer to the site that gives RGB for many of the DMC shades - can't remember it offhand, sorry

    Not sure if that is any help

  3. Love this and the way you have come from spring flowers to get to here.
    Clicked on photo to enlarge and have just enjoyed going through your flickr photos - 137 of them :)
    You have some amazing architectural photos on there.

  4. The colours up the top of the bar on my illustration are the hex numbers and Pam Kellog translated them into DMC numbers
    Hope this helps

  5. Interesting peice and I am glad you put up a close up of the stitching, so we could see the texture.

    looking through your previous posts on this, I am impressed at how abstract you managed to get this piece but still keeping to the organic nature of the original photograph.

    I think quite a few of us were confused by the colour palette however, I am sure a little deviation from the hex colours is fair enough. Its been a learning experience for me at least, as I now know a place to compare hex with dmc colours.

  6. I really like your latest addition to the TIF challenge but I must say your outfit created with the palette for the TIF challenge for jan is still my personal favourite.Wonder what you will create next week.

  7. the texture on this is wonderful and i love the fragments of color.

  8. Love this! Every time I look at it I see different things. Guess that's the beauty of abstract :-)

  9. I enjoy everything about this and I hope you will keep doing the wispy edges! It's like a map of a place I'd love to explore.

  10. I haven't had time to study this closely, but will, as it is fascinating! You mentioned "scrim" - have you tried working this way with needlepoint mono canvas? It's an even weave scrim that comes in several sizes, and has a very stiff sizing to hold it steady while stitching on it. It can also be painted for background color - or pattern, if necessary.

  11. When I work, I enjoy the process involved in the development of the piece. My recommendation would be to let your embroidery lead you in the direction it wants to go. Everyone's colours will be slightly different!


interaction appreciated!


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