Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i won't give up

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i don't usually kvetch. But if i do not do it today i'll get physically ill.
There are workers and brick layers of the worst kind, with all due respect, doing repair jobs in our building. There is also a different crew remodelling the place below us ,at street level which will become a restaurant.
Can you hear the noise? Are your sinuses congested because of the cement dust?
Why doesn't she leave and go somewhere else i can hear.
Because the repair crew is doing work in the light shaft and the only access is through my apartment, no place to swing down a moving scaffold from the rooftop, answered she.

And to add insult to injury i walked out of my studio to find them mixing cement in my foyer. Right the wooden floor was covered, but the books on the shelves weren't. And construction workers are not especially known for their finesse.
Swallow bile is the name of the contest. Hope to get the award because that's what i've been doing. Literally.
And with all this i haven't been able to study all i need for the Japanese test.
i have some more time in Hades as over here the tradition is that you know when they start but not when they end. Take the Escorial monastery . It took 21 years to complete.
Then there's also another job to be done on the terrace which has to be waterproofed because when it rains it also rains in the store below us. As you can read, all this is fascinating domestic bs.

The postcard illustrating this post is some sort of talisman i picked up in one of my trips to the long demised Lausanne Tapestry Biennale. i want to share it as a thank you for any sympathy that comes along this way. It's cool. It empowers me and converts me into Venus A fighting along Mazinger Z. You go girl, no cat photos here .LOL. But i digress. The point is kvetch i will , but i won't give up.

neki desu

ps. Oh man! just noticed. Today's Tuesday 13th, Spain's Friday 13th.


  1. You poor thing!

    Maybe you can find something here that will make you smile

    If not... I'd recommend plenty of wine :-) For you that is...

  2. Just had a giggle at the cartoons Annica recommended. You have my sympathies, the house next door has recently been renovated and it's no joke is it. Definitely recommend plenty of wine.

  3. Oh Neki, I was so intent on your green study that at first I didn't even notice the man who had out smarted the hangmen. Best wishes for out smarting the crew hanging around your dwelling so handily and acing the Japanese language test.


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