Monday, November 26, 2007

chinese medicine

Bad, bad cough. Nasal and sinus congestion. Ginger comes to rescue.
Grind fresh ginger, put it in water and heat. Aspire the vapor, then sieve the liquid saving the ginger shavings for another sesion. Mix the liquid with milk and drink it.You can add sugar, but i like the kick, hot and pungent. Get in bed under the covers.
Repeat twice, three times at the most in one day. Guaranteed to get you better.
Ask me how i know.

neki desu


  1. How do you know Neki:-) I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Neki, I hope you feel better soon. The Chinese cure sounds better than the New England one I learned. That is unless you'd love eating one large raw yellow onion before supper.


  3. ginger is the best, boy that'll work up a sweat. and sage, that is a good one too! get well soon....


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