Tuesday, October 02, 2007

reversed buttonhole bar

TAST week 40 finds me uploading week 39. There's an excuse for this and it is that i'm obsessed with the indigo vat trying to exhaust it before the cold weather sets in and so get on with life.

i thought blahh! buttonhole again, but on the contrary it was quite fun to sample.
i don't know whether i "discovered" it or it's common knowledge, but you can get paisleys with this stitch. Got carried away and did some,very plain mind you, beading. Avoided paisley o. d. ,keeping that for a whole project.
i used size 10 white cotton crochet thread, rayon floss and DMC variegated embroidery cotton on beige linen. This is the last of it and i'm contemplating using Aida for a change. Not sure yet.

neki desu


  1. love what you've done with this - buttonhole stitches are one of my favourites

  2. I like your variations, you do a good job of experimenting.

  3. Paisley's, what a good idea. I'm going to have to try that.


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