Thursday, September 20, 2007

who said you needed angst to create

Was so happy for having made it to second level of Japanese that i rushed to the studio. Found some great dotted bias tape, those fringes with velvety balls and fabric paint and i set out in a very celebratory mood.
The background fabric was a handwoven collapse silk shibori scarf that scorched badly while degumming. It hurt to throw it away and had been shifting around from one place to another.

While stitching away i had a what if moment a là Jude and made a shiboried cotton backing. And then did some scribbling with this fabric paint that i had bought eons ago never to be used. Sometimes it pays to stash products, never know when they'll be handy.

i've been trying felting needles to see if that's the way i want to follow and if it adds to what i want to do/make so the small velvety balls have been needle felted to the background.
Everything followed through smoothly and made a very enjoyable work afternoon. i think it shows, don't you?

neki desu


  1. It certainly does pay to stash products -- and not throw out scorched etc fabric!

  2. Oh yes, the fabric paint scribbles definitely show that you had an enjoyable afternoon! My favourite colourway too.

  3. ok, so what if you have a good time eh? it shows, yes, oh, the joy of it!


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