Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the Sean Scully exhibit

It was a master class in composition and sensibility. i had not been so shaken by an exhibit in a long time i think the last one was the Rothko one some years ago. And as i see it both Rothko and Scully are similar, yet different.
It was pure aesthetic enjoyment.
There is so much truth and emotion in those fuzzy edges.There's force, joie de vivre and sometimes angst and sadness.
And then reading the paintings and drawings as textile relationships adds yet another dimension for me.
i can also identify with his photos because i also like to photograph the same things patterns, doors, textures.

This exhibit was the perfect roundup of my holidays in Dublin because many of the mental images gathered during the trip came together. i can only feel grateful.

You can see more of Sean Scully's work here and here

neki desu


  1. its funny but these remind me of the gees bend quilts.

  2. Thanks for some great links! His work is very inspiring! Are you familiar with Howard Hodgkins' art? One of my favourites!


interaction appreciated!


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