Thursday, September 13, 2007

kakishubuzome endavors

Happy dance mode here. My friend came back from Tokyo with some of the goodies i had asked for. The photo is the handsome Tanaka Nao packaging for kakishibu. Too bad they don't mail order abroad!
i've been spending time over the last 4 days researching and experimenting with kakishibu. Being precious matter i used the least i could possibly use to sample on silk. But 1 tablespoon in 2 of water goes a long way.

The silk crepe fabric was scoured, but the silk doupioni yarn, following the leads found on the Wada book Memory on Cloth ,was not degummed and the colors came out intense as she predicts.

And yesterday through a friend i located someone with a persimmon tree who is willing to give me a load of green fruit.Will have to wait till next April because the fruit is already ripening.
Meanwhile here's the dyeing effort.

neki desu


  1. Thanks for the slide show of the samples. They are great, Neki. I'm really looking forward to what you do with the dye.

    My blogline failed me and I've missed a couple of your posts here recently so it was a nice surprise to see your TAST samples. I'm still working at some of the links to artists you've been provide in the September 5 post. Enjoyed what I've seen so far. Thanks for doing that post.

  2. Great results with the dyeing. I am so impressed with the way you keep your samples labelled. I tend to throw mine in a box and rely on memory - which unfortunately seems to escape me more & more these days :)


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