Friday, September 28, 2007

kakishibuzome- the return

My friend Rosa graciously hauled around 5kg of green persimmons from the country. Not only that, but she brought them to my doorstep on her motorbike. Talk about having the right stuff!

This morning found me in the kitchen cutting up and mashing the persimmons. i first begged them to forgive me for not treating them the traditional way, beating them with a wooden mallet instead of using a blender.
On the other hand i don't think the fruit really cares that i had to adapt the process to a city kitchen. A small city kitchen. But i wanted to cover my back just in case. Traditionally water is added to the mash, but i had to add water to the chopped fruit, 2 cups, give or take, per 4 fruit. This gave me around 8 liters of mash and water and i added some more water for the pot

Now the mash is resting outside on the terrace until it ferments and is ready for the juice to be pressed out. This will be in about a week's time. Then the juice will be aged for.. horns tooting loudly ...2 or 3 years!
i have already written up my will in case something happens to me Rosa inherits the
aging liquid and has to complete the process.

neki desu


  1. Neki,

    It was a pleasure.
    Next week I'll bring you some figs, and I hope some of them come back turned into mermelade... mmm...

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    wow- never saw this post- thanks. and if Rose wants to will it to me...


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